The Ching Room

Rory’s a shy poet who just wants to use the toilet in a Sauchiehall Street club but it’s already occupied by a drug dealer. He won’t move till he’s shifted his top quality gear, but Rory can’t even afford it.

What follows is a story equally sad and funny about the dodgy deals going on right now in our public toilets.


Attune Theatre will be using the Pay What You Decide model for this show. Simply meaning, you can come along and see the show and, once you’ve seen it, you can decide how much you think it was worth.

If you’d like to join us for this event, all you need to do, to ensure you have a seat is send us an email to  If you wish to book for multiple people we will need a name and email for each person you wish to book for, so we can send a confirmation to them.

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