Filter Tron Theatre “Filter is a slightly bizarre, partly devised situation comedy that mostly centres around the dynamic constructed between the two actors, Tom Moriarty and Sarah-Beth Brown, who play a loveable couple with skeletons in their closets. Very charming and enjoyable.” The Outlier A devised piece of theatre which deals with a couple who are forced […]

Merchant of Venice

In winter 2013 Attune Theatre presented Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice in both Glasgow and London. The Merchant of Venice is perhaps Shakespeare’s most controversial play, largely because of the character of Shylock. In this modern adaptation the action was transported to contemporary Las Vegas because of the shared moniker of the ‘City of Sin’. This […]

Belief Beyond Hope

Belief Beyond Hope was a modern retelling of the Selkie Legends from Celtic Mythology. If follows Jeremy a hopeless young romantic, who falls for an idealistic Selkie. It is destined to never be, but why would that stop a romantic? This show has been performed at the Lost Theatre in London, for their One Act […]

It’s A Wonderful Life

Attune Theatre will be toured this classic Christmas Tale It’s A Wonderful Life. The play has been adapted by writer/director Stewart Schiller to fit into the modern Scottish world, and will tell a new version of a classic tale. George is a small independent banker struggling against post-recession skepticism. Can a nervous Clarence overcome this […]

Thomas the Rhymer

Attune Theatre are happy to announce that our next show will be a modern adaptation of Thomas the Rhymer. The show will take place at Offshore Cafe in the West End, and we are looking forward to working with a very talented cast. Thomas the Rhymer is one Scotland’s most enduring folk tales and is […]

Scotland Today

For those who missed it here is a link to Scotland Today, the Five Minute short we performed for the National Theatre of Scotland’s Five Minute Theatre Festival. The Short was Written and Directed by Attune Artistic Director, Stewart Schiller, and performed by Gillian Massey and Ester Tatolli The event was performed in Offshore Cafe […]

Close and Faraway

Close and Faraway, which was one of Attune Theatre’s pilot projects, will now be coming to The S.P.A.C.E. in Glasgow’s Argyll Arcade. This is undoubtedly our most ambitious project to date, with nearly a year’s worth of development time to get to where it is today, including a Reading at the The Arches, and a […]